Free Alaska Bill of Sale Form | PDF | WORD

This is a bill of sale that is applicable for the State of Alaska, in accordance with the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. This Bill of sale is used to carry through the sale of a structure or structures within the jurisdiction of the state.

How to fill this Alaska Bill of Sale Form.

  • You need to enter the following details at the top right hand corner of this form carefully:
    • Project Name.
    • State Project Number.
    • Federal-Aid Project Number.
    • Parcel Number.
    • Unit Number.
  • Next you need to enter the following details:
    • The date on which this Sale is being made Between ‘The State’ and the ‘Purchaser’.
    • The full name of the purchaser.
  • Then you need to add the details of the Said structure which is being sold.
    • Parcel Number.
    • Description and Location.
    • Bid Amount of Sale and Removal.
  • The next few paragraphs explain the following terms and conditions.
    • The State is selling the said Structure to the Purchaser in view of the amount received from the purchaser.
    • After the said sale is executed the Purchaser will move the above described structure and all other improvements within the stipulated time.
    • If the Purchaser is unable to carry out the necessary changes then this Sale will be considered void and the title of the said Structure will revert back to the state.
    • Any Damages or liability sustained by the State from this will be deducted from the performance bond that was taken from Purchaser.

This Alaska Bill of Sale Form is considered Legal and Valid after it has been signed by the Purchaser and by the Chief Engineer, Design and Engineering Services. Once the Sale is completed then the structure rightfully belongs to the purchaser and the purchaser must move it from the premises that belong to the State of Alaska  within the time allotted. To download this form just click on the link below.

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Alaska Bill of Sale Form

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