Free Idaho Vehicle Bill of Sale Form | PDF | WORD

When in the state of Idaho anybody owning a vehicle wishes to sell it to another resident of the state then they can fill this form and submit a copy of the same to the Idaho transportation department for reference. Please note that this form can only be used within the state of Idaho only.


The instructions given below are written to guide you through the process of filling the form and to give you a sound understanding of the document and its legalities.

Begin this form with the detailed description of the vehicle at sale which is required for identification purposes and must include the Hull Identification Number or the Vehicle Identification number (HIN or VIN) followed by the title number of the vehicle, second vehicle identification number which is provided for most motor homes and must be entered for double-wide mobile and manufactured homes, weight of the vehicle, full length and width, the year of the vehicle, make of the vehicle, its model and finally any other relevant description which can be of any help.

After that, choose if it’s rebuilt salvage, previous brand, reconstruct, repaired or any other formation of a brand. Also provide the exact odometer reading of the vehicle and choose form one of the options which is actual miles, not actual, exceeds mechanical limits, exempt or no odometer.

In the next sections, provide the full and legal name of the seller (first, middle, last) along with their complete physical & mailing address with the city, state & zip code, daytime phone number, the actual selling price of the aforesaid vehicle & the date on which it was / is sold. Also, provide similar details for the buyer of the vehicle.

If there is any lien on the vehicle then the details of the holder must also be provided and if there aren’t any, then just mention “None”.

Lastly, after reading the note for the seller and buyer, both must sign the document thus certifying the sale of the given vehicle.

Idaho Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Form Preview