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The Maryland Vessel Bill of Sale form, also known as Form B-118, is a legal document that is drawn between the two parties of the sale of a vessel in the state of Maryland. The form is provided by the Maryland DNR (Department of Natural Resources) and it must be filled entirely by the seller of the vessel. Remember, no alterations should be made in this document or else it will be considered as void.

Instructions on Filling the Bill of Sale:

  • Begin by entering details of the vessel/boat being sold – HIN (Hull Identification Number), manufacturer/make, length (in feet and inches), and year of manufacture of the vessel.
  • Next, information about the motor of the vessel must be furnished – serial number of the motor, manufacturer, HP (horsepower) and year of manufacture.
  • Enter the vessel registration number or the USCG (United States Coast Guard) documentation number.
  • Now enter the gross sales price, which includes the price of the vessel, motor and all its accessories. This price excludes trailer price. After this, enter the date of sale.
  • Tick one box of the four with regard to vessel type – open, cabin, house, inflatable, other or PWC (personal watercraft).
  • Tick one of the boxes with regard to hull material – fiberglass, aluminium, flexible fabric, steel, wood or other.
  • Tick one with regard to motor propulsion – outboard, inboard, IB/OD, sail IB, sail OB or other.
  • Tick one with regard to the vessel fuel – gasoline, diesel, electric or other.
  • Next, enter the full name of the purchaser of the boat (first, middle, last). If there are multiple purchasers, space is provided to enter all their names. Also enter the purchaser’s mailing address including street, city, state and zip code.
  • Now enter details of the seller – full name (names if multiple sellers), along with full address, inclusive of street, city, state and zip code.
  • After acknowledging that the above information is 100% true, the seller(s) must sign the document along with date of sale.

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