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The sale of any vehicle in the United States of America is required to be recorded by a bill of sale, a legal document which avoids disputes over the sale between the buyer and seller in the future. In Maine, it is no different as the Maine Vehicle Bill of Sale form is filled when a vehicle is being purchased or sold and the transfer of ownership needs to be done from the seller to buyer.

Instructions to Fill the Form:

  • Begin the form by entering the full legal name of the seller of the vehicle in question, followed by his/her full detailed address, including the name of the county he/she resides in, in the state of Maine.
  • Next, enter the sum being paid for the vehicle in US Dollars ($), both in words and in numbers, along with the date of execution of the sale transaction.
  • Enter the full legal name of the buyer, along with his/her full detailed address.
  • The next section is for describing the vehicle in question. Begin by entering the make/manufacturer of the vehicle, followed by its model, year of manufacture, VIN (vehicle identification number), body type and the exact odometer reading (in miles) at the time of sale.
  • Next is the odometer disclosure where the seller agrees that this is the exact reading of the odometer (not including tenths) and that it reflects the actual mileage of the vehicle.
  • Again, the total purchase price of the vehicle should be entered in US Dollars ($). The seller then warrants that he is the lawful owner, that there are no liens or mortgages on the vehicle and that the above information is 100% true.
  • After these acknowledgements, the seller’s name and signature is required followed by the buyer’s name and signature. At the end, mention the name of the county in Maine State once again.

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