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A power of attorney is an individual holder’s authority to act as a representative on behalf of the grantor for the given purpose. Their decision is equal to the decision of the principal in matters related to the limitations they are bounded by such as the sector they are appointed for. Whereas, a General Power of Attorney is does not limit itself to a particular sector such as healthcare, tax, finance etc., but are appointed with tasks assigned to them for which they are authorized to make decisions, which can range from and to any sector of the principal’s life. Such a power must be given only to a person of complete trust and faith. To appoint a person for the same the general power of attorney form needs to be filled and submitted.


Follow the steps given below to understand and fill the form for the same.

The form must begin with the full and legal name (first, middle, last) of the principal and the to-be appointed attorney along with the name of the county and state of residence, certifying that the principal in a sound state of mind is giving these below mentioned powers to the attorney to act on behalf of them for the same.

Then next part of the form describes the limitations of the sectors or situations where-in the attorney is eligible to decide on behalf of the principal. These boundaries include; performing business using any personal or corporate transactions relating to personal or professional property; ask/ demand/ sue for recovery or collection of any kind of money, debts, dues, goods, bonds, stocks, shares, dividends, pensions, property (personal or corporate) etc.; to initiate, prosecute, stop or shield all or any legal actions to any matters related to the principal or the properties or belongings related to them; to lease, purchase, sell, exchange any kind of property, to repair any and/ or all properties belonging to the grantor plus opening or closing of bank accounts for the same and for any other expenditure which might occur for the same; to sign, endorse, execute or acknowledge any kind of document related to anything aforementioned; to pass on my properties and belongings any or all to a trust deemed proper and legitimate after the principal’s demise irrevocably; to borrow any sums of money with security as the principal’s assets and sign wherever required for the same if necessity calls for it; to hire or fire any employee as they feel fit; to vote in any or every meeting of the meetings;  by granting this general power to an attorney all other power of attorneys shall be nullified and the current one shall also be entitled to a compensation and that these powers cannot be revoked even after the demise of the principal and only the principal has the authority to revoke the same by giving it in writing to the county clerk of the aforementioned county; etc. followed by the signature and the full name of the principal plus the date. This form also needs to be notarized by the Notary Public.

General Power of Attorney Form

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