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This document is a Power of Attorney Notary Public Form, it is a form that may be applicable in all the states. This form is used by a Notary Public to acknowledge and accept the appointment of a Power of Attorney.

What do I enter in this Power of Attorney Notary Public Form:

  • In the first paragraph of this form you need to carefully fill in the following details.
    • The State in which you are the active Notary Public.
    • The County.
    • The full name of the Principal.
    • Full name of the agent.
    • Date on which this Notary acknowledgement is being executed.
    • The Notary Signature.
  • Next you need to enter your Notary Public details as follows:
    • The County.
    • State.
    • The date on which your commission expires.
  • The next paragraph is the acknowledgement that the Attorney-in-Fact has accepted the power of attorney.
    • The Attorney-in-fact agrees that he has read the attached power of attorney and he/she will accept the appointment as an Attorney-in-Fact and will exercise his powers for the benefit of the principal.
  • The next paragraph is for the successor Attorney-in-Fact’s acceptance of the power of attorney.
    • He/She will function as the Attorney-in-Fact, in the absence of the original Attorney-in-Fact.

This is how you complete the Power of Attorney Notary Public Form. To download this form click on the download link below.

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Power of Attorney Notary Public Form

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Power of Attorney Notary Public Form