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The Maryland Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale form is one filled to legally record the sale of a motor vehicle in the state of Maryland and for the transfer of ownership of the vehicle from seller to buyer. The form, also known as Form VR-181, is to be notarized and has to be submitted to the MVA (Motor Vehicle Administration) department in Maryland State.

Instructions to Fill the Form:

  • The first segment is for vehicle details. Enter the year of manufacture of the vehicle, its make, model, body style (sedan, hatchback, etc) and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
  • Next, enter the full legal name(s) of the buyer(s) followed by the amount being paid for the vehicle (enter amount in US Dollars).
  • If there are any reasons why the vehicle should be purchased at a price lower than the current market value, those reasons must be specified in as much detail as possible, in the space provided to do so.
  • Next is the odometer disclosure, where the seller enters the exact odometer reading (no tenths) at the time of sale. Also, he/she should check one box of the two, with regard to how the odometer reflects the actual mileage of the vehicle in question.
  • In the next section, the seller’s name and signature (multiple if needed) are required as well as the date (day, month and year) of signature. Similarly, the buyer’s name, signature and date of signature are to be filled in.
  • The document has to be notarized by a Notary Public. The date of notarization, followed by the Notary Public’s signature, name and commission date has to be entered along with the notary’s seal. The notarization date, signature, name, commission expiry and seal must be entered again and the form will now be considered complete.

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Maryland Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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Maryland Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form