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As you might already know, a bill of sale form is filled when there is a transaction happening between two parties in consideration for a sum of money. Here, the Georgia Equine Bill of Sale Form is one filled when the seller is transferring the ownership of his/her horse to a buyer in exchange for a certain amount of money and this form is valid only within the state of Georgia.

Upon completion of the payment, the seller must hand over all ownership and registration papers of the horse to the buyer. Any prior agreements or promises made between the two parties are not valid if not mentioned in this document. The form is governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia.

Instructions Georgia Equine Bill Of Sale Form

  • Begin by mentioning details of the transaction. Firstly, enter the amount being paid for the horse (in US Dollars), followed by the name of the seller (exactly as it appears on the registrations papers).
  • After name, the seller’s detailed address must also be entered followed by the name of the buyer (exactly as it would appear on the registration papers) along with his/her detailed address.
  • Now, some details of the ‘Equine’ (horse) are needed. These include the name and breed of the horse, his/her date of birth, color and sex (tick one between male, stallion, and gelding).
  • Enter the registration number of the Equine (if applicable) followed by any marks or other distinctive physical characteristics of the horse that would help in identification of the horse.
  • Enter the names and respective registration numbers (if applicable) of the Sire and Dam (parents) of the equine being sold.
  • Next, enter the date that the seller received a negative on a Coggins test, a test that detects the disease Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA).
  • Witnesses are required and after reading all the laws and provisions related to the Georgia Equine Bill of Sale and mentioning the date of sale, a few signatures are required.
  • Right at the bottom, the signature of the seller or his/her agent is required along with the signature and date of signature of a witness. Also, the signature of the buyer or buyer’s agent is needed, along with the signature and date of signature of a witness.

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