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The Minnesota IBM Storage Equipment Bill of Sale Form is one that is filled whenever there is any purchase or sale of IBM storage equipment within the state of Minnesota. This particular form is restricted to the Hennepin County of Minnesota State.

At the top of the form, mention the date that this bill of sale was made. Then, enter the amount being paid (in dollars and cents) for the storage equipment being sold, as well as the name of the corporation buying the same equipment and its location of business. All rights of the equipment are transferred to the buyer.

Terms and conditions:

  • The seller warrants to the buyer that he/she is the lawful owner of the equipment being sold and that there are no liens, encumbrances or charges attached to the same equipment.
  • As soon as the buyer or buyer’s representative takes physical possession of the equipment, the title and risk of loss will transfer to the buyer.
  • The purchaser must be extremely careful during removal of the seller’s equipment. If applicable, protective material should be used during removal.
  • All taxes in connection with the equipment will be borne by the buyer after the transfer of title has been completed.
  • The purchaser agrees to pay the amount mentioned in this form to the seller, before the removal of equipment.
  • Legal remedies may be pursued if any party does not fulfil obligations in this agreement.
  • The agreement is in accordance with Minnesota State Law.
  • In case of any disputes, the clauses mentioned in this document shall prevail.

At the bottom, the purchasing manager should sign and also mention the date of signing this document.

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Minnesota IBM Storage Equipment Bill Of Sale Form

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Minnesota IBM Storage Equipment Bill Of Sale Form