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In the state of Michigan, if an abandoned vehicle has to be set up for sale, the Michigan Abandoned Vehicle Bill of Sale form must be filled, also known as Form TR-52L, and mailed/faxed to the Michigan Department of State.

Where to Fax or Mail the Bill of Sale

Michigan Department of State,
Abandoned Vehicle Unit,
7064 Crowner Drive,
Lansing, MI 48918.
Fax: (517) 322-3928

This form is to be filled for the sale of only those vehicles which have been abandoned and have no rightful owner. The form is filled by a person assigned by the towing company, custodian or police agency.

Steps to fill:

  • The first section is for vehicle information. Enter the year of manufacture of the vehicle, followed by manufacturer/make, VIN (vehicle identification number), model, body style (hatchback, sedan, etc), state and license plate number, plate’s expiry year and the date that the said vehicle was taken into custody.
  • The next section is for details of the towing company/custodian/police agency designee as applicable. First, enter the name as applicable, followed by the full address, inclusive of street, city, state, zip code and telephone number. Also specify the reason why TR-52L form has been requested.
  • Next, enter details of the law enforcement agency – name, full address and telephone number.
  • Tick one box with regard to how the vehicle will be sold – public auction or released to a scrap metal processor.
  • After certifying the above information, the signature of the towing company/custodian/designee is required along with date of signature and full name.
  • The section can be left blank as it is for internal use only, after the form has been submitted. An instruction sheet is at the bottom of the form.

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Michigan Abandoned Vehicle Bill of Sale

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Michigan Abandoned Vehicle Bill of Sale