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An affidavit or heirship is a legal instrument/document that legally identifies all the rightful heirs of a certain deceased person. All of the decedent’s personal property and vehicles can then be transferred to the heirs using this affidavit of heirship form.

The blank affidavit of heirship form is a form that is not restricted to any particular region but can be used in any county of any state across the USA. The form is mostly used if the deceased has passed away without any will.

Steps to Fill this Affidavit Form?

  • Right at the top of the form, enter the name of the deceased.
  • Enter the name of the county and state in the USA in which the decedent’s estate exists.
  • The affiant must enter his/her name and state his/her relationship with the deceased as well as indicate how many years he/she knew the decedent.
  • Enter the exact place and date of passing away. Also enter place of date and how old the decedent was at the time of death.
  • The affiant must then answer a few questions – is there a will; if yes, has it been filed with probate; address of probate; location of proceedings; administrator name; marital details of the decedent and details of any born or adopted children of the decedent.
  • If no children/grandchildren, list the names of living parents, siblings and siblings’ children.
  • If the decedent left and real property, mention the address of such property.
  • If the decedent left any unpaid debts or taxes, enter details of all in point (k).
  • The affiant’s signature and full address is required at the bottom of the form.

The form needs to be notarized to be considered as valid. The Notary Public must enter date of notarization, give stamp/seal and date of commission expiry.

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Blank Affidavit Of Heirship Form