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The Indiana Affidavit of Heirship Form is a legal document that records the list of all rightful heirs of a deceased person within the state of Indiana. To make use of this form, atleast 45 days must have passed since the death of the decedent and the sum value of his/her estate must no exceed 50,000$.

Instructions to Fill the Form

  • Enter the name of the county in Indiana in which the decedent resided.
  • Enter the name of the affiant along with his/her relationship with the decedent.
  • The affiant then enters his/her full legal name, address and then relation with the decedent.
  • Enter details of the death – deceased person’s name, date of death, county of death, last resided in address, and name of decedent once again.
  • Name the County in Indiana State in which the decedent’s real estate exists, along with the full legal address of the same property.
  • Enter the names of all individuals entitled to the estate of the decedent, including his/her relation with each one.
  • The affiant’s signature is required along with notarization by a Notary Public of Indiana State. Mention the affiant’s name if the document was prepared by the affiant or the name of the attorney who did so. Another signature and the affidavit is complete.

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Indiana Affidavit of Heirship Form

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Indiana Affidavit Of Heirship