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A bill of sale is a document created to legally prove that the seller has sold a certain item/property to the mentioned buyer. Under Alabama State Law, this form shows the transfer of ownership of the said property for an agreed sum of money.

The form can be used for the sale of plenty of items including cars, motorbikes, boats, aircrafts, other vehicles, furniture, animals, personal property and more.

How to Fill the Alabama Generic Bill of Sale Form

  • Firstly, mention the name of the County within Alabama State.
  • Enter the name of the grantor (seller) in full followed by the name of the grantee (buyer) of the item/property being sold. Write all names if more than one buyer or seller.
  • Next, in the space provided, describe in as much detail as possible, about the property being sold. The more elaborate, the better. Here, specify all information about the said asset being transferred from grantor to grantee.

The form represents the fact that the given asset is being transferred from seller to buyer in exchange for a sum of money. In the witness of an attorney, the seller must then sign the document and mention the date (day, month and year) of sale.

The Notary Public must then fill in the name of the seller once again and agree that the seller has signed voluntarily. The Notary Public must also sign and mention the date (day, month and year) and also the date of when his commission expires.

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Alabama Generic Bill of Sale Form

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Alabama Generic Bill of Sale Form