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Just like you have a bill of sale for the exchange of an asset/property between buyer and seller, the Artwork Bill of Sale form is a legal document that records the sale of any given artist’s work and it is drawn between the artist and the party willing to buy the artwork in question.

Guide to Fill the Artwork Bill of Sale Form

  • At the start of the form, enter the date of the sale of the artwork followed by the invoice number.
  • Now, enter information about the purchaser of the artwork – full name and address, inclusive of city, state and zip code. Also mention the contact telephone number of the purchaser.
  • The next section of the form is for a complete description of the artwork being sold. All artworks should be listed separately and never be grouped as one sale. The information that needs to be furnished here includes the name/title of the artwork, date of sale, size, edition and medium of the same.
  • We now come to that part of the form which comprises the price of the artwork and payment details. Enter the artwork’s print price, frame price, sales tax, delivery charges and enter the total of these prices (all in US Dollars – $).
  • The final section is with regards to copyrights and reproduction rights of the artwork. The signature and name of the artist is required acknowledging that the artwork was sold in his/her presence and all rights are reserved by the artist itself.
  • The name and signature of the purchaser of the artwork is also required acknowledging that he/she has received the artwork in a good condition. At the bottom, fill in the date on which the artwork has been received and this bill of sale form is complete.

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Artwork Bill of Sale Form