Free Used Car Bill of Sale Form | PDF | WORD

Any individual who wishes to buy or sell a used car can use this template to prepare a bill of sale form to secure the deal according to your requirements. This is a generalized template and is different from a state specific form.


Follow the instructions given below to understand and fill the form correctly.

The form must begin with the full and legal name of the seller (first, middle, last, suffix) followed by their complete address with the zip code certifying that they hold the legal ownership of the car and that the car is free from all loans, mortgages, tax burdens, etc and is in the best or working condition to the best of my knowledge. A complete description of the car also needs to be given including the make, model of the car, year of purchase, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN #), Mileage, etc.

In the next segment, the details of the buyer are required including their full and legal name (first, middle, last, suffix) along with their complete address and the zip code. The mutually agreed dollar amount also needs to be stated in the next point followed by an acknowledgement from the seller that they have received the full payment of the aforementioned car. Lastly, the document needs to be signed by the seller and buyer.

Used Car Bill of Sale Form

Form Preview