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A bill of sale is a legal document that records all transactions between a buyer and seller. In Carbon County of the state of Wyoming, the Carbon Wyoming Vehicle Bill of Sale is used to record the transfer of ownership of any given vehicle from the seller to buyer. There are two copies of this bill of sale form and they may be kept one each with the buyer and seller to avoid future issues.

Instructions to Fill the Form

  • To begin the form, the full legal name of the seller must be entered (enter all names if multiple sellers) followed by the date on which the deal has taken place.
  • Next, details about the vehicle in question should be furnished – year and make of the vehicle, as well as the VIN (Vehicle identification Number).
  • Next, the full name of the person to whom the vehicle is being transferred must be entered (buyer) followed by the mutually agreed upon amount that is being paid for the vehicle in US Dollars.
  • The seller must sign in the two spaces provided below. This form doesn’t require the signature of the buyer.

Notary Statement

In order to be considered legal, the bill of sale needs to be notarized by a Notary Public. Enter the name of the Notary Public along with the date of notarization, signature of notary public and date on which his/her commission expires.

Cut on the line provided and fill in the same details once again in the second copy of this form. Both parties can keep one copy each.

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Carbon Wyoming Vehicle Bill of Sale

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