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As you know, a BOS (bill of sale) is a document that legally records a transaction between buyer and seller. In the state of Louisiana, a bill of sale form needs to be filled for the transfer of ownership of a boat/vessel and this form is the Louisiana Bill of Sale of Boat/Motor. The document will serve as an important one to both parties.

As other states have counties, the state of Louisiana has civil districts called parishes and you can begin filling the form by entering the Parish in Louisiana State in which the sale is taking place.

How to Fill a Louisiana Boat Bill of Sale Form:

  • Enter the full legal name of the seller (of legal age).
  • Enter the full legal name of the buyer (of legal age).
  • Now, enter the details of the boat as asked for – registration number (if applicable), model year of the boat, manufacturer or make of the boat, followed by the boat HIN (hull identification number) or the motor serial number depending on whether a motor is being sold or a boat, or both.
  • Enter some details about the sale – price of boat and price of the motor (both in US Dollars), along with the date of execution of the sale.
  • The seller acknowledges that there are no loans or mortgages on the movable property being sold and he enters the date of signature, followed by his signature.
  • Then, the signature of the buyer of the boat is also needed to be followed by the seal/stamp of the Notary Public in that particular parish in the state of Louisiana.

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Louisiana Boat Bill of Sale Form

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Louisiana Boat Bill of Sale Form