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A bill of sale is an important part of the process of selling any property/asset/item. With regard to the sale of a motor vehicle, a bill of sale is important as it is a legal document that records the transfer of ownership of the vehicle in question from seller to buyer.

Here, the generic bill of sale form is to be filled when the sale of any vehicle is being carried out. There are two copies of this form and it should be cut where mentioned and one copy each should be kept by the buyer and seller.

How to Write a Generic Bill of Sale Form

  • Begin by furnishing some details about the vehicle being sold. Enter the make/manufacturer of the motor vehicle, model, year of manufacture, style (sedan, hatchback, etc), primary color of the vehicle, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), exact reading on the odometer at the time of sale, and the seller’s registration number. Also tick yes or no depending on whether the seller has previously filed an application for title of the vehicle or not.
  • The next section is for filling in details about the two parties. Begin by entering the seller’s full legal name, followed by seller’s address, including city and state followed by details of the buyer. Again, buyer’s full name and address should be entered along with the amount being paid for the vehicle in USD ($). If the vehicle was a gift, tick the box and mention his/her relation with the buyer.
  • The next section is the acknowledgment of the seller that all the details in this form are true and accurate as per his/her knowledge and belief. The form is then ended with the seller’s signature along with the date of signature (MM/DD/YYYY format).
  • The second half of the form must be filled in the exact same way including vehicle details, details of the two parties, cost details and the seller’s acknowledgment right at the end.

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