Free Illinois Vehicle Sellers Report of Sale | PDF | WORD

The sole purpose of the Vehicle Sellers Report of Sale form is that once you have sold your vehicle to any given individual, you need to fill this form and send it to the secretary of state department of Illinois and inform them about the sale to make sure that your responsibility towards the same is released.


One must understand that by submitting this form, does not certify as a transfer of ownership and the necessary documentation still needs to be done for the same.

The instructions we have mentioned below will help you understand the form and its technicalities.

On the top left-side of the form you will find the address of the “Secretary of State Vehicle Services Department,” where you need to submit this form.

After that, in the main form begin by providing detailed description of the vehicle which was sold to make the identification process easier (if required). These details should include the date on which the sale of the vehicle was / is done, the year of the vehicle, make of it, a specific number for identification of the vehicle also known as VIN, etc!

In the following sections, provide the full and legal name (first, middle, last) along with the complete address including the city, state & zip code of the person selling the vehicle. Also, make sure to add similar details such as the name and address, for the buyer as well.

Once the details are correctly filled the seller has to sign this document, after which their name and the present date which certifies that the aforementioned details are true to the best of their knowledge and also the sale taken place is legitimate.

Then lastly send this document to the requested address.

Illinois Vehicle Sellers Report of Sale

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