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A bill of sale legally records a sale transaction between two parties – buyer and seller. In the same way, the Kentucky Generic Bill of Sale form is one that is filled when a motor vehicle is being sold in the state of Kentucky and the ownership is transferred from seller to buyer.

Instructions to Prepare a Bill of Sale in Kentucky:

  • Begin the form by entering the date of sale.
  • Now enter details of the seller and buyer. Start by entering the seller’s full legal name, driver’s license number, full address, city, state and zip code.
  • In the same way, enter the buyer’s legal name, driver’s license, detailed address, city, state and zip code.
  • The next section of the form is for details about the vehicle. Enter the year of manufacture, make, model, color, vehicle identification number and the Kansas state title number.
  • Besides that, enter the size of the engine followed by the exact reading on the odometer at the time of sale of the vehicle. Check one of the three boxes between ‘Miles, Kilometers and Hours’.
  • The next section is the warranty and damage disclosure. The seller agrees that the odometer reading is right as per his/her knowledge and that there is no warranty on the vehicle.
  • All repairs on the vehicle will be the responsibility of the buyer and the seller must list down all these repairs in the next few lines that are provided.
  • Next is the payment section. Here, you just have to mention the exact price of the vehicle being sold in US Dollars ($).
  • The signatures come at the bottom of the form. After the respective acknowledgements, the name and signature of the seller is needed along with date of signature.
  • The name and signature of the seller is also needed along with the date of signing. Also, an acknowledgement from the Notary Public is needed to complete the form.

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