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The Alaska Small Estate Affidavit Form, also known as Form P-350, is a form that is to be filled by the personal representative of the estate of the decedent, who has many duties such as informing all people who have an interest or who have claimed some part of the given estate. Unless there are any proceedings against the representative in court, he/she will continue to be the representative of this particular estate. To use this form, the value of the assets of the estate should not exceed a certain amount (hence small estate). The form helps in avoiding long, drawn out court procedures.

Instructions for completing the Alaska Small Estate Affidavit Form

  • Enter the name of the County in Alaska State under whose jurisdiction this estate exists.
  • Enter the full legal name, and date of birth of the decedent.
  • Enter the case number.

The next section is the sworn statement of the personal representative, closing the small estate. The representative must acknowledge that he/she is the representative of the estate, that the value of the estate does not exceed the value allowed and that he/she is doing all the duties of a personal representative. Three duties are enlisted and the representative must agree to have performed all three.

Closing statement:

  • The representative must¬†sign the document and enter the date of signature.
  • Must enter his/her full legal name.
  • Must enter full detailed address (in the two lines provided).
  • Must enter phone number and email address.

For verification purposes, the form must be notarized by notary public, clerk of court or any other authorized person. The personal representative must sign again, while the notary gives his/her seal and enters the date of notarization and date of commission expiry.

Certificate of service:

The representative certifies that he/she has mailed/hand delivered a copy of this statement to all those who had claims/interests in the given estate. The representative’s signature is needed at the bottom of the form once again.

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Alaska Small Estate Affidavit Form P 350