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This is an Alabama Abandoned Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale, which can be used to transfer ownership of an abandoned vehicle. A vehicle is considered abandoned if it has been left unattended on a public street, road or highway, or on other property for more than seven days. The other definitions of abandonment of motor vehicle can be found in Section 32-13-1, Code of Alabama 1975.

How to Fill this Alabama Abandoned Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale:

  • Enter the following details carefully.
  • Vehicle Details:
    • VIN- This is the Vehicle Identification Number.
    • Year- Enter the Year of the Motor Vehicle.
    • Make- Enter the Make of the Motor Vehicle.
    • Model- Enter the Model name of the Motor Vehicle.
  • Details about the Sale:
    • Date Abandoned- The date on which the Notice of Sale was Published(as required by Title 32, Chapter 12-4(b), Code of Alabama 1975).
    • Date of Sale- The date on which the Abandoned Vehicle was sold.
    • Location of Sale- The location where the abandoned vehicle was sold.
  • Information about the Net Proceeds of Sale of Abandoned Vehicle:
    • Sale Price of Abandoned Motor Vehicle.
    • Amount paid for the repairs of the said Motor Vehicle.
    • Towing Expenses paid for towing the Motor Vehicle.
    • Storage Expenses.
    • Any other expenses.
    • The total amount deducted from the sale price.
    • Net Sale Balance. (This amount will be paid to the county licensing official for deposit into the country General Fund.)
  • Buyer’s Details
    • Name- Enter the name of the buyer in full.
    • Address- Enter the address of the buyer.
  • Seller’s Details
    • Signature- The seller must sign below the declaration that he has sold the vehicle to the buyer as an abandoned Vehicle in accordance with the provisions of Title 32, Chapter 13, Code of Alabama 1975.
    • Name- Enter the name of the seller in full.
    • Address- Enter the address of the Seller in full.

After completing the sale of the said motor vehicle, this Alabama Abandoned Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale must be notarized by a Notary public from the state. you can download this form by clicking on the download link below. I case of any confusion do not hesitate to consult an attorney.

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Alabama Abandoned Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

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