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A bill of sale is a legal document that verifies and records a sale transaction between the buyer and seller. Similarly, the Massachusetts Motorcycle Bill of Sale form is one that is filled when a motorcycle is being purchased or sold within the state of Massachusetts and for the transfer of ownership of the same from seller to buyer.

Instructions to Fill the Bill of Sale

You need to begin the form by entering the exact amount being paid for the motorcycle being sold ($). This is followed by information about the two parties of the sale transaction.

Enter the full legal name of the seller followed by the full legal name of the buyer and then some details about the motorcycle in question need to be furnished.

Mention the make and model of the motorcycle, the color and the year of manufacture. In the odometer disclosure statement, enter the exact reading of the motorcycle’s odometer at the time of sale of the same.

Then, check one out of the following three options with regard to how the odometer reflects the mileage of the vehicle:

  1. Actual mileage
  2. Exceeding limits of the odometer
  3. Not actual mileage.

Continue giving details about the motorcycle by entering the engine number, VIN (vehicle identification #) and vehicle registration number of Massachusetts State.

Next, the seller warrants that he/she is the rightful legal owner of the vehicle in question and that there are no loans or mortgages attached to this vehicle. Also, the buyer agrees that the motorcycle is being sold to him in ‘as is’ basis.

Enter the location in Massachusetts State that the sale has taken place along with the date (day, month and year) of the sale. To conclude the document, the full name, address, and signature of the seller is required, followed by the full name, address and signature of the buyer.

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Massachusetts Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form