Free Illinois Bill of Sale of Personal Property | PDF | WORD

In the state of Illinois, when any individual wishes to sell his or her property apart from preparing and signing the agreement they also have to prepare and submit this form of Personal Property for the initial security of the deal.

This bill of sale is only valid within the boundaries of the state itself and mustn’t be used elsewhere.


Below mentioned instructions help you to understand and guide you in filling the form!

Begin this form by mentioning the county’s name where the house is located and then on the main form; the legally registered name of the seller has to be stated (first, middle, last) followed by their complete address including the city, state & zip code.

Then provide the amount at which the deal was closed and received by the seller followed by buyer’s full and legal name and their full address, after that provide the complete address with the city, state and zip code of the premises which is at sale acknowledging the sale.

It also states that this bill of sale shall take effect from the date which will be mentioned in the empty field.

Lastly, this document has to be fully named and signed by the seller followed by the signature of a witness and their full name. By doing so the seller certifies that they are the rightful owners of the given property and that the given property does not hold any liens, security agreements, encumbrances, charges, demands, and claims of every kind whatsoever.

In the end, make sure to notarize this document by the Notary Public for legal purposes.

Illinois Bill of Sale of Personal Property

Form Preview