Free Hawaii Vehicle Bill of Sale Form | PDF | WORD

This form should only be used with just one purpose in mind i.e. selling a vehicle within the boundaries of the given state. The current document acts as a legal document acknowledging the sale which should not be mistaken as a document for the transfer of ownership.


This document holds validity only within the state of Hawaii and will be of no use elsewhere.

Below mentioned instructions do nothing but help you to understand the form and guide you with the steps to fill it.

Begin the form by mentioning the amount in number and words at which the vehicle was / is sold followed by buyer’s legally registered name (first, middle, last) which acts as an acknowledgment of the sale.

In the next segment, a detailed description of the given vehicle must be presented. This must include the number as mentioned on license plate of the vehicle, the identification number of the vehicle also known as V.I.N, make of the vehicle and year in which the model was released, body type, etc. which may help in the identification process of the same.

Later, the full and legal name of the seller must be stated (first, middle, last) followed by their complete address along with the city, state & zip code certifying that they rightfully own the vehicle.

You must also provide the latest reading of the odometer and must make sure that it is true to the best of your knowledge, if not then you must choose from either of the options given of the form which best suits your situation.

After the document is completely filled, the seller needs to sign the document along with the present date and their full name and complete address. By doing so they confirm that aforementioned details are true to the best of their knowledge and that the vehicle is free from all loans, loans, mortgages, tax burdens, etc!

In the end, this document also has to be notarized by the Notary Public.

Hawaii Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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