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The Michigan Plant Bill of Sale Form is a legal document that records the sale of any plants (example Christmas trees, Evergreen boughs, shrubs, etc) within the state of Michigan, keeping the environment in mind at all times. The form is also known as Form PI-087, it is provided by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and should be submitted to the same (address provided) after completion.

Instructions to Fill the PI-087 Form:

  • Start the form by entering the date, place (state) and name of the person it is checked by.
  • Next, enter the full legal name of the seller of the plants being sold as well as the full address of the premises in Michigan in which the said plants have been grown.
  • Next, the full legal name of the buyer of the plants should be mentioned, followed by his/her address. The seller gives the buyer authority to come and visit/check the plants at the given premises anything before a certain date and time (mention in space provided).
  • Next, describe the plants being sold, including its type/kind and the quantity of the said plants being sold.
  • Next, enter the legal details of the premises where the plants were grown – township, section number, portion of section, townline number, range number and county in the state of Michigan.
  • In the last section of the form, the seller/owner of the plants must sign the document after ensuring that the bill is in accordance with Michigan State Law.
  • The document must be signed in front of two witnesses. The names, signatures and addresses of both witnesses are also required to complete the form.

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Michigan Plant Bill of Sale Form

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Michigan Plant Bill of Sale Form