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This is a Connecticut commercial lease agreement, it is used in the state of Connecticut for the leasing of a commercial property for commercial uses. This agreement abides by all the rules set forth by state of Connecticut. If you have any problems with any of the terms and conditions set forth by this agreement do not hesitate to consult with an attorney before making an informed choice.

Completing this that commercial lease agreement.

  • To complete this agreement in the first section you need to enter the following details:
    • The date on which this agreement is being entered into.
    • The name of the owner of this premises which is being leased, the lessor.
    • The name of the tenant who is going to rent this property from the lessor, a hereinafter referred to as the lessee.
    • A brief description of the property that is being leased commercial used by the lessor.
  • In section one you need to enter the details related to the term of this lease, you need to enter the date of commencement i.e. the date on which the term of this commercial lease agreement begins and the date of termination i.e. the date on which the term of this agreement ends.
  • The lessor or the lessee may agree to renew would extend this commercial lease by giving each other the prior written indication.
  • Next you need to enter the amount of rent that the lessee will pay to the lessor, along with a breakdown in equal monthly instalments. Each instalment will have to be paid on the first day of each calendar month and the payment must be made at the address specified by the lessor.
  • The lessee must agree to use the said premises only for the purposes set forth in this Connecticut commercial lease agreement. If he is found in defaulting on this point he will have to surrender the leased premises to the lessor. After successful completion of the term of the lessee must surrender the leased premises to the lessor without the necessary of any notice.
  • The lessee does not have the authority to sublease any part of the leased premises in whole or part without the lessor’s written permission. The lessee also will not make any alterations or changes or additions to the leased premises without them having being approved first by the lessor.
  • The lessor will have two pay all general real estate taxes instalments during the lease term on the leased premises and the lessee will be responsible for paying all personal property taxes in connection with the leased premises.
  • This agreement is above and beyond any other prior understandings or agreements that were made between the lessor and the lessee regarding this leased premises, it will be considered the legal agreement to be executed by both parties.

This Connecticut commercial lease agreement is considered legally binding after it has been signed by both parties i.e. the lessor and the lessee. You can download this PDF by clicking on the download link below.

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Connecticut Commercial Lease Agremeent

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