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This is a Hawaii commercial lease agreement, which is used in the state of Hawaii to lease a property for commercial use only. Do keep in mind that a property that is leased under commercial lease license cannot be used for residential purposes by the tenant. In case you have any queries or confusion with any of the terms and conditions in this agreement do not hesitate to consult with an attorney.

How to complete this Hawaii commercial lease agreement:

  • You must enter the following details on the first section of this agreement:
    • The day, month, year on which this agreement is being entered into.
    • The name of the lessor.
    • The name of the lessee.
    • The name/number of the land which is owned by the lessor.
    • A legal description of the land that is being leased under this commercial lease agreement.
  • Next you must enter the date of commencement i.e. and beginning date for this commercial lease agreement and the date of termination i.e. the ending date.
  • The lessor or the lessee can agree to renew what extent this commercial lease after giving prior notice.
  • A fixed amount of rent must be set per year, and this must be broken down into equal monthly instalments that must be paid to the landlord at the specified address.
  • If the rent is not paid by the due date then a fixed amount of late charge will be applied for everyday delayed after that day.
  • The lessee must acknowledge that he will use this premises only for the commercial purpose that is mentioned in this commercial lease agreement.
  • After the termination of this commercial lease agreement the lessee will have to remove any and all signs that he is placed upon the leased premises and will the repair any damage that he had caused the world by placement or all of the signs.
  • The lessee cannot without written permission of the lessor sublease or assign whole or part of the commercially leased premises.
  • The lessee cannot make any alterations or improvements to the said premises without the written consent of the landlord.
  • The lessor will have two maintain fired and extended coverage insurance on the leased premises.
  • The lessee will have two pay charges for any utilities, furnishings that have supplied for the premises by the lessor.
  • The lessee agrees to comply with all the rules set by the lessor for the leased premises.

This how I commercial lease agreement is governed, construed and interpreted by, true and under the law of the state of Hawaii. This agreement is considered legally binding after both the lessor and the lessee have signed at the bottom of the last page of this document. You can download the PDF version of this commercial lease agreement by clicking on the download link below.


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Hawaii Commercial Lease Agreement

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