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The document that is attached at the bottom of this page is a standard rental agreement, it has all the terms and conditions that are required to execute a proper rental agreement. It may be applicable in all States of the US.

How to fill the standard rental agreement:

  • In the first section of this agreement you need to enter the following details:
    • The day, month and year on which this agreement is being executed.
    • The name of the landlord.
    • The name of the tenant.
    • The location of the premises that is being leased in this rental agreement.
  • This is a fixed term lease rental agreement, so the landlord must provide the term for which this agreement will be considered valid. The landlord must give a date of commencement and termination for this rental agreement.
  • Next you must enter the amount of rent applicable per month, the day on which it must be made payable to the landlord.
  • The tenant must pay the rent by mail address to the landlord on the address provided in this agreement.
  • If the tenant gets delayed in the payment of rent then a late charge of a fixed number of US dollars will be applied for everyday that is delayed after the due date of rent.
  • In case any of the tenants checks is dishonored and returned unpaid to the landlord the tenant must pay a return check charge of a set amount to the landlord.
  • You must also send the amount of security deposit that the tenant will have two pay to the landlord.
  • If anyone amours any property that lost to the landlord without his/her written consent then it will be considered as a breach of this agreement and this rental lease will be considered terminated.
  • The landlord will not be considered liable for any loss of the Tenant’s property during the term of this rental agreement.
  • If the tenant leaves the premises are unoccupied for a preset number of days without paying the rent in advance then it would be considered that the tenant has abandoned the property and this rental agreement will be considered terminated.

In this entire standard rental agreement the tenant must acknowledge to abide by all the terms and conditions set by the landlord that relate to the lock policy, condition of the premises, alterations, vehicles and garage use, utilities, services, subletting an assignment etc. This standard rental agreement is considered executed after both the landlord and the tenant sign in the spaces provided for them at the bottom of the last page of the document. You can easily download the PDF of this agreement by clicking on the download link below.

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Standard Rental Agreement

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